Youth Transition Network

YTN began as Ministry Edge in Arizona when a visionary idea was formed by a small group of ministries at Arizona State University. As the project grew, it became evident that it would require a focused effort to effectively address the research that 70% of Christian students exit the church in their junior and senior year is high school and following graduation. This gave rise to Ministry Edge in May 2004.

This multi-dimensional issue requires ministries to work together in an unprecedented manner. As a result, the National Network of Youth Ministries and Mission America became involved with the effort to decrease the loss of youth in 2005 forming the Youth Transition Network with the assets of Ministry Edge. The Youth Transition Network first created a coalition of ministries to work together to prepare and connect our high school graduates. The coalition built that has 4,700 ministries on 3,000 campuses and preparation events and resources for youth ministries.

In the process of developing videos to help motivate students YTN began interviewing students related to their transition. These interviews uncovered issues related to why students wanted to or had checked out on the church.

This lead to focus groups and video interviews of high school students related to the reasons they wanted to leave the church, the expectations they felt they could not live up to and their relationship with their parents. This qualitative research lead to the development of seminars and retreats designed to reboot the culture youth ministries and to help parents adjust from parenting to shepherding their teens.

Today YTN brings its research to senior pastors, youth pastors, parents and to youth groups through seminars, retreats, student videos and events designed to address the issues that are dampening our teens response to their parents and the truth we teach.

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