Yon Lavi

Yon Lavi is investing in Haiti one life at a time on a quest to develop transformational spiritual and community leaders. January 12, 2010 is the day the island nation descended from impoverished and full of misery to a level of poverty and suffering that is unimaginable without seeing it. But it is also the event that brought us to Haiti, forever changing our lives, bringing those of us who live in America a new understanding of extreme material poverty and suffering.

We desire to come along side each individual, developing relationships, and supporting them as they pursue their life goals. In the process, we ask that they invest in individuals within their sphere of influence.  New spiritual and community leaders will be raised up with the resources and desire to invest in others, and generational transformation will occur.

Our material resources, skills, and time are used to invest in lives, one at a time, specific to the needs of the individual providing:

  • educational support
  • tools for discipleship
  • emotional support
  • leadership training
  • life management skills
  • entrepreneurial training
  • micro-business finance

Accountability measures are in place and are implemented through our co-founder and Haitian Director, Gelin Louis-Jeune.