William Jessup University

The William Jessup University vision is that our graduates will be transformed and will help redeem world culture by providing notable servant leadership; by enriching family, church and community life; and by serving with distinction in their chosen career. 

By providing notable servant leadership;

  • We are a learning community that honors God and pursues wisdom. We are stewards of the creation and respect the dignity and worth of all people. The world and the people of the world need the effective participation of thoughtful individuals as God redeems nature and societal structures as well as individuals. We care about spiritual development, genuine humility in service to others and the development of leadership to mobilize groups to achieve community objectives.

By enriching family, church and community life;

  • and The refinement of self that is the result of a WJU education is valuable. We believe an outward look can result in transformation that is even more satisfying. The extensive exposure to history and culture, to language and literature, to the fine arts and music, to the sciences and math, to psychology and social behavior opens the mind and spirit to the richness of creation, to the enjoyment of beauty and truth. Study of the human condition – of one’s relation to God and to one another in family, state and global community – provides the basis for a life-time of both continued learning and service.

By serving with distinction in their chosen career.

  • WJU graduates will serve in church, business, government, education, health care, human services . . . throughout the world. Our commitment is to professional excellence, cultural competence, and ethical behavior. WJU graduates will be biblically literate and able to think critically and communicate effectively. They will have achieved the understandings and skills appropriate to their degree and major. The expectation is that they will live and work with a sense of calling, recognizing that one’s personal life, family life, community life and work life are all ordained by God.