Our mission is to keep the special needs children of Ukraine in families and out of poorly funded state nursing homes. For the children in the orphanage, this means helping to make them more “adoptable”. For children in families, this means working with parents and doctors to build a support system where the child can remain in their home.

We bring over 1,000 pounds of luggage filled with documents, toys, and equipment. And, while in Ukraine our team visits different orphanages to provide basic therapy and education to improve the lives of orphans who have special needs. We hold family clinics where we distribute educational documents explaining basic therapy techniques to over 100 families. We also demonstrate these techniques and distribute equipment to any and all children who require specialized items that are unavailable in Ukraine.

All who serve agree this a remarkable and rewarding experience. We are not only able to provide specialized equipment and therapy, but we are able to show the amazing potential hidden inside each child.