T4 Global

T4 Global facilitates transformational training among the poorest, hardest-to-reach communities in the world; people who are dying because they can’t, don’t or won’t read. We introduce messages of help and hope through an oral and experiential learning process that is enhanced by technology. This learning process empowers and enables positive transformation: high impact, exponential individual and community transformation.

T4 Global focuses on the 4+ billion people who live among oral cultures. At T4 Global, we distribute life-changing information in culturally appropriate forms through local partnerships. We engage oral cultures with the gospel at their point of need, spending about one dollar per person, delivering the gospel of Christ in a way they can understand it.

Our mission is to facilitate transformational training for oral culture people and to see millions of individuals, families and communities transformed by Jesus in all areas of life.

As we go to the unreached oral cultures, would you pray about what God may call you to do about the billions who have never heard His Name?