Sage Hill Institute

The Sage Hill Institute is a non-profit (501c3), Christ centered teaching/equipping organization dedicated to helping men and women see who they were made to be so they can do what they were made to do.

We engage, enlighten, exhort, and educate. We pastor pastors and we shepherd shepherds.  We wash the feet of those who are called to care for the lost and the least.

All of us are in some capacity called to see, shape, serve, feel, inspire, need, love, long, restore, desire, rest, hope . . .

If you change the heart of a leader, you influence everyone and everything he or she leads. If you change the heart of a father or a mother you influence an entire family. If you change the heart of a pastor or church leader, you influence an entire church. If you influence the family and you influence the church, you change the world . . . one man, one woman, and one child at a time.

The Sage Hill Institute is dedicated to do whatever possible to help leaders articulate, implement, and fulfill their visions. Ultimately, we help leaders serve by helping them to live fully, to love deeply, and to lead well. So that they can live and serve with passion, intimacy, and integrity.

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