Rosepetals is a not for profit organization dedicated to assisting terminally ill children, and children with all types of illnesses, and their families through hospice counseling and assistance with life choices. Seventy percent of our children are terminally ill and range between the age of 6 months and 10 years old. Thirty percent of our children are autistic or emotionally delayed. Time and money are donated to give unique care, toys and parties for the children as well as support to the parents who may not be able to afford rent, food, clothing and overwhelming medical expenses. Many of our children have brothers and sisters and come from single parent homes. When parents are faced with mounting household, medical or even funeral expenses, Rosepetals is there to assist. No parent ought to be forced to choose between food and the appropriate care for their precious child.

The ultimate goal of Rosepetals is to create centers of support, with counseling for parents and their dying children to help them walk together through the inevitable with dignity and peace.

Rosepetals' only purpose is to serve and nurture dying children and their parents.

Rosepetals currently visits in New Jersey: St Barnabas, Livingston; Mountainside Hospital, Montclair; St Joseph's, Paterson; Beth Israel, Newark; and Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York; as well as home hospice care visitations currently in Essex, Passaic and Union counties