New Tribes Mission
Bible translations require wages for tribal translation co-workers, solar systems for electricity, computers, paper, voice recorders, batteries and more. Proofs must be printed at several stages. Missionaries experienced in translation and Bible lessons and literacy must come into remote villages to check progress. And churches need more than Bibles translated. They need Bible lessons that help them understand a God they never knew about, and literacy materials to help them learn to read their own language for the first time. All those must be printed, transported and distributed. New Tribes Mission estimates that it takes 15 years and $277,000 from the time a work starts until a Bible is printed. Translating Scriptures, literacy materials and Bible lessons into a previously unwritten tribal language provides the whole package of written materials that a church needs to disciple its people and reach out to others. Your gifts to this project help establish the church in people groups around the world.


You can also purchase New Tribes Missionary Jack Crabtree's book