National Council for Adoption

As we celebrate over 30 years of service to children, birth parents, and adoptive families, NCFA remains the premier adoption advocacy nonprofit in the United States, promoting a culture of adoption through education, research, and legislative action. Because of NCFA, more children are adopted out of foster care, women facing unintended pregnancy receive comprehensive information on the positive option of adoption, and intercountry adoption remains a viable, ethical alternative to building families.

Our vision is a loving, permanent family for all children everywhere. We recognize adoption as very often the only way children can have the unique love and security of a family, when their biological parents cannot or will not parent them.

NCFA has led the fight for countless pro-adoption policies, attitudes, and practices, such as: promoting adoptive and foster parent recruitment and training for children in foster care; reducing red tape and raising adoption incentives to increase adoptions out of foster care; building the intercountry adoption system to provide families for abandoned children around the world; advancing pro-adoption policies, attitudes, and practices in developing countries and worldwide; presenting adoption as a positive option for unplanned pregnancy and honoring birth mothers as good mothers; preventing adoption disruptions through fair and reliable treatment of parental rights; making adoption more affordable through the adoption tax credit; and much more.

Through our programs, NCFA has helped literally millions of children, birth parents, and adoptive families in America and around the world.