Act Beyond

Our Vision: All Unreached People Groups (ethnê) reached. Jesus' Command to make disciples of all nations (ethnê) fulfilled. (Habakkuk 2.14; Luke 4:18-19; Matthew 24.14, 28.19-20; Revelation 5:9, 7:9)

Our Mission: We start church planting movements to transform unreached people groups--where obedient disciples make obedient disciples and reproducing churches start reproducing churches--who make Jesus known while transforming lives, relationships and communities.

So, Act Beyond exists to create church planting movements.

A church planting movement is a fast growing network of churches that spreads the Gospel within a region and people group who have never heard the good news of Christ.

Here's a comment from an Act Beyond missionary: 
Through all of our years in the missions world, we finally found an org which marries a high level of stewardship of well-placed strategic foreigners who are streamlined in their commitment to to direct partnering and equipping of nationals in Church Planting Movements (CPM). They focus only upon Unengaged and or Unreached Peoples. We were looking to be partnered with their level of radical innovativeness and practical modeling of all we desire to train others to do and be among the peoples. They also highly prioritize kingdom partnerships like few others we have seen. They are leaders who spear head the raising up of Global South Leaders as equal partners. Their emphasis upon Church Planting Movements with intentionality to bring community transformation is a cross-cultural missions marriage long in the coming.