Mercy and Truth Medical Missions

Mercy and Truth Medical Missions works to assist the marginalized and uninsured communities of Kansas City through the provision of preventative and primary care services. Our clinics provide health care to clients regardless of their geographic residential location, status in the United States, income, or ability to pay. Our services are comprised of primary care for all ages including specialty services such as women's health, laboratory, acute and chronic illness, pediatrics and preventative health care.

In addition to local services, Mercy and Truth Medical Missions is dedicated to serving indigent populations internationally. Our work recognizes the plight of the poor and marginalized by seeking ways to combat structural violence and injustices that leave so many across the world destitute and consequently disadvantaged. Our efforts to fight these injustices are centered on the provision of medical services. Mercy and Truth desires to extend medical care and education to communities by forming teams of medical and non-medical professionals to go and serve. We seek to utilize our skills and resources to help bridge the gap of inequalities plaguing developing nations. As an organization, Mercy and Truth has sent over 75 medical teams to over 50 countries since its inception. We work throughout the year, traveling to areas including Mauritania, Malawi, Myanmar, Kenya and others.