Our mission is to equip the young leaders of Uganda. In a nation where 70% of the population is 24 years or younger, there is an incredible need to equip the next generation for both the job market and positions of leadership. By identifying young people who show leadership potential, but do not have the means to complete school, we focus on an often overlooked demographic -- older teens.

We position KUZA students in the best schools so that they have access to solid teaching and the benefits that come with private education. Our intensive leadership retreats equip students with practical skills for success in school and in future jobs. The nurturing “KUZA Family” environment fosters a sense of love and support that is vital to future success. At our core, we believe that God’s love is the foundation for the work of personal transformation in the lives of these young leaders.

We invest the best in these young people to break the cycle of poverty in their lives. Our challenge to each KUZA student is that they use the gifts and talents they have innately -- and the education and skills they have learned -- to improve the lives of others in their communities.