Our dream is that people living in underdeveloped countries have the chance to work with dignity, to have healthy minds and bodies, and to discover the joy of living in thriving communities.

Yeah, it’s a pretty big dream.

But it’s possible. We know, because we’ve seen it happen. We’ve seen lives changed, seen smiles transform the faces of once-desperate people.

How does this change happen? We know that the practical side of change needs to involve two powerful factors:

jobs + community development

FACT: People in the underdeveloped world need jobs.

In order to bring real hope and lasting change to impoverished places, handouts and charity don’t cut it. We’ve all heard the adage about teaching a man to fish. It’s true. People deserve the chance and the dignity to pull themselves out of poverty. To do that, they need jobs.

FACT: People in the underdeveloped world need more than jobs.

And yet, these people are some of the neediest on the planet. Some of them grow up begging on the streets. Many have no skills, education, legal identities, or even birthdays. They suffer from hunger, abuse, drug addiction, disorders, and chronic illnesses. So you see, they need more than only jobs. They need change in every aspect of their lives.

To achieve this dual vision, we partner with entrepreneurs who operate sustainable, for-profit businesses in the world’s most broken places. These businesses are about more than profits; they are committed to providing their employees with steady work, fair wages, and good work environments.

JoyCorps offers them even more. With your help, we fund a variety of community development projects for the artisans employed by our partner businesses. Our wellness project enables us to provide nutritious food and clean water for holistic physical health; our education plan helps us to provide artisans and their children with mental health and growth; reliable transportation and a vocational training center help to promote economic stability; and our community fund enables us to provide interest-free loans to artisans who need money for basic, urgent needs.

When we work with businesses operating in the third world, we can help to break the cycle of poverty and bring lasting change to communities. Because that’s the heart of our mission—a desire to see lives changed. To see those crippled by poverty and hardship dance for joy.

Help us, and you’ll discover some of that joy for yourself.