In-Vest USA

In-Vest USA began in 1993 when South Carolina businessman Michael Letts first learned that local law enforcement officers were not provided protective vests as a regular part of their personal equipment. Outraged and resolved to correct this situation, Letts formed In-Vest USA, a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to help officers in South Carolina.

Nineteen years later, In-Vest USA went national with the support of an extensive network of grassroots volunteers as well as corporate sponsors. In-Vest USA now helps raise awareness of the issue and raise funds as it distributes vests in communities across America. In  2003 In-Vest  USA went national, and in 2004 the organization was named one of the Top 10 Angel Charities in South Carolina by the Secretary of State.

Our mission has stayed the same- Protect Those Who Protect Us. We will not stop until every law enforcement officer in America is provided a personal bullet-proof vest.