IF: Gathering's Generous Approach to Changing Lives

We’re not exactly sure what term captures the IF:Gathering. Conference? Gathering? Movement? Whatever IF is, God is using it to draw women closer to Him. We had the chance to channel some of their massive momentum towards a really cool project. 

The IF team wanted to do two things. First, they hoped to protect the participants in the conference from the roller coaster often associated with attending/viewing a conference. IF wanted the results of it’s work to be a lifetime of closeness to Christ and freedom in Him, not a weekend on the mountaintop followed by weeks in the valleys. Second, they wanted to support a place that’s doing great work, Africa New Life Ministries’ Esther Home.

Enter Givington’s and, thanks to IF’s generosity and creativity, a way to accomplish both. We simply hosted an online bookstore for IF, featuring books that address the issues brought up at the conference. These books help build the roots that will hold up the growth that came from the conference. A little discipline to read, study, and pray and the roller coaster stops. Additionally, each book purchased gave between $2 and $4 to the Esther Home and a college education for some girls in Africa who couldn’t afford it otherwise. 

It’s simple. Every time an IF supporter shops with us, they support the mission of IF to “equip and unleash women…to live out their purpose” and they support Esther Home. That is the power of the Givington’s model. The books (or anything else we sell) that your supporters or your church were already going to buy now become a giving machine for your ministry.

How can we further your mission with the purchases you were already going to make?