Gospel Light Worldwide
Our Mission

To know Christ and make Him known through Bible-based, culturally relevant teaching resources, books, and curriculum worldwide.

There are five major differences that set our children’s ministry apart from other missionary efforts:
  • Focused Exclusively on Children – Ministry to children is our only priority.
  • No Western Missionaries – We work with resident Christians, partner with other international ministries and develop translation teams from the region to create age-appropriate Bible curriculum that respects and celebrates their linguistic and cultural heritage.
  • Built-In Sustainability – We help to identify, train and equip local leaders and entities that can supply the materials and resources to teach the Bible to their children.
  • Easy to Replicate – We train indigenous Bible teachers in how to best utilize the Bible curriculum for the children they represent and to teach others to do the same.
  • Exclusive Offering – To the best of our knowledge, this is an unduplicated effort; no other ministry is providing as comprehensive of service to the Christian community we serve.