GoodWORD Partnership

GoodWORD Partnership’s mission is to “preach good things around the world.”  We work towards this goal by partnering with recognized Christian evangelists of integrity from any country in the world, helping them to exercise their gifts as messengers of the gospel of Jesus Christ in public evangelistic outreaches. GoodWORD carries out its mission in three ways. 

Evangelistic Missions
    • Facilitating God-inspired evangelism in a variety of forms
    • Creative vision-setting, planning and implementation
    • Partnering international and local evangelists
    • Mentoring in the set-up of evangelistic missions
    • Assisting the local church to fulfill its role in evangelism
Schools of Evangelism
    • Enhancing the gift of the evangelist in practical ways
    • Serving and empowering the indigenous evangelist
    • Committing to follow-up and disciple-making
    • Teaching biblical principles of evangelism
    • Connecting evangelists and local vision
    • Providing free teaching resources / models of training courses
Networking Evangelists
    • Networking evangelists through existing and new networks
    • Being rooted in the local church
    • Facilitating biennial training conferences for international evangelists