Givington's FAQ's
Givington's is shaped by our belief in four premises.    
  1. All non-profits have an existing audience. If they don't, they won't exist much longer. 
  2. Said audiences support the non-profit(s) that they care about. If  the non-profit is non-audience it will become non-existent. 
  3. Non-profits, unless they are sneaky, don't have profits. They need ways to make money. It would be really nice if that money came from somewhere other than a donor's pocket. (Important note: we love donating to non-profits, we're just saying that it would be cool if not every dime had to be raised.)
  4. Technology is nifty and it allows us to build huge "stores" with good prices and still give money away. 
What those four things tell us is that Givington's can exist and it can create funds for non-profits just because their supporters wanted some coffee or a scarf or the latest John Grisham book. This buying and giving is a marvelous thing. 

Common Customer Questions:
When will I find out how much my purchase gave to the cause I chose?                                                                                                  
You will get an email within 2 business days of your purchase with total giving amounts. It takes a bit because we have to calculate shipping into the equation and some of our customers don't live in the same house. 

How do I add a cause?             
Email The Butler and he (or she, no one will ever know until they visit Givington's Abbey) will set you up. Be sure to include a contact person or website for the organization you love.

Do you add to the cost of your products so you can give and still make the same amount of money? 
No way. Like you'd buy from us if we charged way more than somewhere else. Any prices of ours that are higher than other sites are because we're young. As our volume grows, our cost per product will decrease and our giving will go up. Hoorah!