English Language Institute/China
Since 1981, ELI/China has been placing passionately committed people in teaching roles across Asia, who primarily serve through the medium of English instruction.  We accomplish this through recruiting, training and sending men and women from the USA, Canada and other countries, to meet the ever-growing demand for quality English education in Asia.  The comprehensive graduate-level training provided to our new teachers has raised the bar significantly in the countries where we serve.  Ongoing professional development opportunities for our teachers include earning Master’s Degrees, graduate certificate programs, and two Ph.D. options.
We have vibrant programs for college students, graduates, singles, couples, families and second-career adults.  Our present countries of service include China, Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.  In most cases we maintain both year-long and summer programs.  While we are focused primarily on university campuses and teacher training, we teach in a variety of other settings designed to best serve our host countries and government entities. We are committed to working with our host countries and government agencies to design teaching programs to best meet their ever-changing needs.  Increasingly this includes supplying key industry experts from the West to engage with their Asian counterparts through lectures and roundtable discussions.  In the coming year we are excited to be adding new teaching programs in both Mongolia and Laos.  In China, we are for the first time sending Spanish language teachers to complement our English language teams on university campuses.