Downline Ministries

Downline is a ministry that exists to equip and unleash Christians in the area of disciple-making. One of the great tragedies in our day is that tens of thousands of Christians sit in churches week after week without Christ’s vision and strategy for impacting the globe. Downline seeks to come alongside churches and aid them in the training and equipping of that army to march. Through its Institute, Emerging Leader program, and Conferences, Downline is equipping men and women in the areas of Bible, Discipleship, and Manhood/Womanhood so that they are equipped to be effective in making disciples of Jesus Christ in their home, local church, and community.

"Downline completely changed my perception of the Great Commission. For some reason, I never before read the words 'Go and make disciples,' and put that into context of Jesus making his own disciples." 



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