Denver K-Life


Denver K-Life is a community-wide, interdenominational Christian ministry of discipleship and fellowship for youth and their families. Our mission is is to transform a youth culture for Christ. 

“Transforming a Youth Culture for Christ.”  This is not just a vision statement.  With over 460 kids in small groups this is a reality that we feel is happening here in Denver, Colorado.  We strive to reach our vision through Depth of Content & Depth of Relationships.  It is said that kids today only get 4 minutes of uninterrupted conversations with their parents each day.  Colorado’s suicide rate is 40% higher than the national rate.  Douglas County, which is where our ministry is located, has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation.  Though there are 98 marriages a day, there are 56 divorces a day in Colorado.  Our kids are hurting and are desperate for something more.

We have found the answer:  the GOSPEL!  We don’t have to dress it up, make it look a certain way, or try to attract kids to it. It is attractive enough on it’s own and there is power in it.  Kids are desperate for it and long to find the Kingdom of God. Help us as we continue to strive to Transform a Youth Culture for Christ!