Aim High Academy of Martial Arts

Aim High Academy of Martial Arts, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is much more than what most people think of as a martial arts school. We have been dedicated to the physical, mental and spiritual development of children and adults in our community since 2005.

At Aim High, martial arts is more than just kicking and punching. It is about a way of life. Since our founding, Aim High has helped countless local families receive help through scholarship and tuition assistance. We focus on three main areas, At Risk Youth, Community Enrichment and Helping People With Developmental Disabilities.

Our students and staff have completed over 10,000 hours in community service projects to benefit other organizations and businesses, hosted monthly workshops for youth, elderly, pre-teen/teen girls and those with disabilities, and so much more. We never turn a family away due to financial reasons, and strive to offer both tuition discounts and full scholarships for students who need them. We estimate that over 5000 families have received help or support though all of our efforts over the years.

Aim High is re-defining the meaning of martial arts. For example, our Operations Director just returned from a trip to Indonesia where she aided young child who have been rescued from sex trafficking. The knowledge from the trip will help on a local level, as our town, unfortunately, is a big venue for harvesting children for this horrible trafficking epidemic. We offer free anti-bullying community events, youth development program, anti-obesity workshops. We have helped rebuild communities in the United States effected by race discrimination, poverty and horrible storms.

Currently we are running a campaign to help the homeless locally and an orphanage in Kenya. This program solicits families for used shoes. We provide those shoes to our local homeless, this holiday season, and the orphanage in Kenya. A lot is happening, and through martial arts, we are changing lives for the better.