Who We Are

The Generosity Shop: Our retail platform, featuring books, coffee, and a few other products turns your purchases into financial support for your favorite non-profit. We give 50% of our profit on every purchase made through our store to the non-profit that you choose. It is also the home of our custom retail offering, which empowers non-profits to run short-term campaigns around specific products and events. 

Watch this video to gain a clearer picture of how The Generosity Shop works.

Quantity Book Sales: Our platform for churches, non-profits, businesses, etc., that need books in large quantities helps maximize two of their most important assets, time and money. We have access to any book you might need and it is our job to ensure you get the best possible price. Our simple system puts the work on us and creates savings for you.

Learn more about our quantity book sales here.

Content Services: Our platform for authors and organizations (and the publishers and agents who serve them) utilizes our expertise in logistics, customer service, e-commerce, and fulfillment to expand their reach and revenue. We empower authors and organizations to sell through their own web sites directly to their audience and at their live events across the country. In both cases, we eliminate the risk of owning inventory, protect contracted royalties, provide full-service shipping and fulfillment, and report to the bestseller lists.

Get more details on our service to authors and organizations here. 

Our Team

            Our team is based in Fayetteville, AR and we feel a little more like family than co-workers. We truly enjoy each other and share a love for books, coffee, traveling, the Razorbacks, and Dr. T’s (our CEO Tom Addington) impeccable use of the English language. Our team has significant retail, publishing, non-profit, ministry, and logistics experience. We know that mix is a bit random, but is just right for what we’re doing. You should probably stop by our office next time you’re in town.