A Child's Hope International

There are too many at risk children in the world for one person or family to care for. The Church, however has the resources and the biblical mandate to help these children. There is a lot at stake in this decision, surely for the children, as well as the Church. The mission of A Child’s Hope Int’l is to motivate and mobilize the Church to care for the orphans in their distress.

This includes children within foster care and the hungry, thirsty, marginalized and vulnerable child.  Our work is based upon our faith in Jesus Christ who redeemed our lives and gave us a solid foundation upon which to stand.We trust the Lord for our mission and for the resources needed to complete that mission.

The vision of A Child’s Hope Int’l is to encourage each church to wrap around at least one child using one of the four channels of care that we offer. In this manner, we believe that one seed of faith will grow into a larger harvest of children.